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Market Access

Create a free account and subscribe to apps you need for your work in Market Access. Share work with your colleagues and collaborate on common goals worldwide.


Manage payers around the world. Payers can be health insurance companies, but also organizations at national level.


ProductDB is a database for managing activities related to products. With it you can on the one hand record the competitor situation and on the other hand perform product maintenance.


Catalogues from the health system linked into insightful datasets

Less training needs, more performance

All apps have been carefully designed to combine intuitive user experience and self-learning experience. As a result, the training effort is low.

Enable your teams to work together on projects. Share the results with others in the company. A sophisticated role concept allows you to generate the maximum synergies from each individual function.

One Size Fits All

The tedious search for different apps for different functions that need to be able to perform cross-functional tasks has come to an end. Create any number of users with different roles and permissions to work together on Market Access projects.


Strategically valuable

Forget about exchanging over thousands and thousands of Excel lists or intelligent websheets. In Oatmap we combine everything you need to control your market access processes

Extensive performance

Our fast servers give you access to even large amounts of data at any time, such as data from the healthcare system

Logical connections

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Secure data management

Your data in a secure environment. We store all European data exclusively on European servers.

Content interaction

Apps can be created by functionally different teams and are available to teams of other functions.

Easy to use

All apps are developed to make it easy to navigate and use complex context

Cost efficient

Pay only for what you need. All features can be booked or cancelled any time.


The software can be used everywhere. Multilingual interfaces make it easy to work together in international teams.

Reliable technologies in use

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We will give you a demonstration of what oatmap can do at any time. If you want to know how oatmap can be used in your company, contact us.

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