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Market Access

oatmap® combines powerful market access tools with the ability to seamlessly interact with teams around the globe. 

Request a free account and subscribe to apps you need for your work in Market Access. Share work with your colleagues and collaborate on common goals worldwide.


Manage payer data, contracts and reimbursements by creating contract frameworks. Reference contracts from umbrella organizations and always keep track of negotiated prices


Keep track of competitors and market data. Create your own “single source of truth“. Create KPI and maintain data accordingly.


Record important steps in generating leads. Manage leads and approvals in a database. A simplified deletion concept reliably removes their data when necessary.

Payer templates
Site templates
Apps for market access

In interdisciplinary teams, collaboration in Market Access is an important factor for success. For employees, this collaboration should be possible in a simplified way. With oatmap you control the tasks that are crucial in the processes from product development to "go to market" in a resource-friendly way.

Less training needs, more performance

All apps have been carefully designed to combine intuitive user experience and self-learning experience. As a result, the training effort is low.


We host all data in a European data center from Oracle with excellent performance and stable runtime.

All apps are developed to make it easy to navigate and use complex context in a simple way.

Your data is stored in a secure environment. Technical protection against data loss is provided by a sophisticated backup concept. Access to the servers is strictly limited and protected with high security queries.

Pay only for what you and your team need. All apps can be booked or canceled at any time by an administrator. Since not everyone needs the same apps, you can keep your costs low.

Oatmap® is a progressive webapp and can be used everywhere. Multilingual interfaces make it easy to work together in international teams.

Forget about exchanging over thousands and thousands of Excel lists or intelligent websheets. In Oatmap we combine everything you need to control your market access processes

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We will give you a demonstration of what oatmap® can do for you and your team. If you want to know how oatmap® can be used in your company, contact us.

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